Foggia air conditioner revision

Periodic verification for air conditioning systems

Qualified assistance

Air conditioning systems equipped with a heat pump or refrigeration system must undergo periodic and mandatory checks, confirming the correct operation of each element. We take care of the air conditioning overhaul in Foggia thanks to the presence of a team of professionals. Interventions include:

  • Technical assistance on residential, commercial and industrial plants
  • Availability of original Daikin parts
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
  • Periodic checks required by law (gas, energy efficiency checks, ISPRA practices).
Foggia air conditioner maintenance
Air conditioner revision
Periodic checks
Original spare parts

Our interventions

In addition to the revision and control operations, we carry out a thorough cleaning of the system and the replacement of the filters, when necessary.

Control operations

The controls for the revision of the air conditioners are carried out by the installer or by a technician in possession of the F-Gas certifications and the status of refrigeration technician. Request our assistance immediately.
Air conditioner revision

Periodic revisions

Technical assistance with spare parts; maintenance and combustion analysis according to the regulations in force, preparation and compilation of booklets, energy efficiency control and AMGAS stamps