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We assure the customer of different boiler systems in Foggia . Our company is part of the heating division of DAIKIN Air Conditioning Italy, which offers the most advanced technologies for temperature management and domestic hot water production. Here you will find cutting-edge solutions: from low and high temperature heat pump systems to high performance condensing gas boilers, also combined in hybrid systems. We also offer radiant floor systems, solar energy systems and thermal accumulators for the instant production of domestic hot water.
The cooling function of the air-water heat pumps, supplied as standard, makes it possible to take advantage of the dual function of heating and cooling in rooms equipped with a radiant floor system, at no additional cost.
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Colder Sud takes care of the design of industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and air treatment systems, taking care of every phase of the work: from the study of the environment to the installation, up to the testing and the subsequent ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations.
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